General Information

Taleggio is a traditional DOP full fat soft cheese made with pasteurised cows milk. It is handmade by the Cairati family, the same family who also produce our Gorgonzola in the northern part of Italy. Made to a traditional recipe dating from the 11thCentury, this square cheese is matured in cold humid cave conditions where the pink/orange rind develops some mould as it matures, giving it a distictive aroma.

The cheese is straw like in colour and has a soft elastic texture, pungent aroma and a delicate yeasty flavour that increases with maturity.

For more information please visit the Consortium website at http://www.taleggio.com


Although also used in cooking, Taleggio makes a great addition to the cheeseboard. Served at room temperature, it's soft creamy texture works well with crusty bread or crackers. In cooking it melts well, and gives a unique flavour to pasta dishes.

Useful Information

  • Made using pasteurised cows milk
  • Not suitible for vegetarians (contains animal rennet)